zaterdag 9 maart 2013

White Eagle - March 2013

Gentle Brother: White Eagle Teaching

Beloved, the light blazes in the heavens, the light blazes unseen within physical matter.  We would have you never forget the ever present light, and we would remind you again of the power of those words; I AM the resurrection and the life.  I AM the light; I AM  the life. As you meditate upon those words you will understand more and more of the meaning and you will realize the warm glow of the light and the power which rises up in you, bidden to rise by the God within your heart.

We would very gently point out to you the way to recognize and distinguish the true light from the false.  This is so necessary when the spirit is in the body, because always there is a pull of the body, there is domination by the earthly mind, and the voice of the earthly mind can so easily be mistaken for the voice of the spirit, the true light.

The true light is not dominating.  The soul which is guided by the true light does not think of itself; the self is forgotten in thought for others.  If your voice urges you to act in a selfish way you can be sure that it is a false message.  The true light is a gentle love which rises in you causing you to look out on the world with understanding and with respect. Remember that respect.  When you respect the soul of your brother man you respect his life in every way.  You know, there is not nearly enough respect for one another.  This is the quality which must be brought forth, this respect this gentle spirit from one to another.

This, beloved family, is the age of the light, the one true light, and this true light is that of love… and worshipped universally as the great light in the heavens, the light of the Sun.

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