zondag 2 december 2012

White Eagle Teaching – November Newsflash

– The Gentle Brother

One thought to you who still find life chaotic or incomprehensible; there is one quality through which you will find solace, and even joy, and this thankfulness – thankfulness for your own creation.  Always bear in mind that in spite of chaos, darkness and suffering, there is intermingling joy, happiness, beauty and harmony.  The one who has felt love but once, seen beauty but once, experienced deep joy but once in life, has indeed lived – has need to thank God for sending him forth to experience love and joy… the harmony of music, the treasure of literature – even the happiness of vacation.  Think how many, many joys you have experienced, how wonderful has been the love you have known! Would you have remained within the void, knowing nothing of these simple human experiences? No! You realize how much you have to thank God; and as you pour out your heart in thankfulness, you pass through the door into freedom and light and happiness…. The higher self in us all knows neither harshness nor condemnation, but an entire justice tempered by loving kindness.

Re-adjust your attitude towards life and just be kind – be kind in your thoughts, be kind in your words, be kind in your actions.  And if you cannot give constructive criticism, never criticize at all.  The Master taught this way.  Time does not alter the eternal truths; every great soul, each peak of the human race, the elder brethren – some call them Masters – have attained Mastership and freedom from the bonds of the flesh because they first learned to be kind, to be true… 

Bron: White Eagle Lodge - White Brotherhood

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